I haven’t posted for ages

I have been posting to a Facebook group called Australian Magpies but I thought it about time I kept the record going.

What a difference a year makes.


Renee and beryl the proud parents. Last year Renee’s son drove the chicks away as soon as they left the nest but this year he also mated with Beryl and has a genetic stake in their survival.

They are at the stage where the parents are cutting right back on the feeding so the chicks are forced to become independent.

Beryl eats first and then feeds the chicks.

Renee just feeds himself and Jnr is the best father ever and feeds the chicks first.


Lots of competition between the chicks and they fight over the food and they all miss out. A life lesson there somewhere.


This is 2 off the chicks pursuing one of their favorite activities.


A big step for Magpies

The youngest still in the nest.

The middle chick is exploring the home tree.P1010548

P1010547 But the oldest has moved to the next tree.

I am very happy they are all staying up in the safe zone.


The triplets are all OK.

The oldest one left the nest yesterday and spent the day being blown about by the hot northerly wind. This morning he has moved higher up the tree closer to the nest.

P1010534 P1010535

Renee’s son who has mated with Beryl (or thinks he has) is this year feeding the chicks and changing their nappies. Just saw him feeding a chick but when Renee approached with a beakfull of food he went into the helpless chick mode and tried to get fed.

The next chick in line is starting to explore the nest branch and the youngest is just enjoying all that extra space and sleeping a lot without being constantly being hit on the head by others flying practice.