Here is a link to various wildlife rescue groups around Australia.


Now this is just my opinion.

If you are concerned about helping injured wildlife it is almostĀ the major danger period as young will be out and about soon.

The above link may help you find a local group. Put the telephone number in your phone as it may be too late with an animal in distress needing help. There are many dedicated volunteers who can care for or euthanise an injured animal. They will also check for young in the pouch of a marsupial. Your local vet may also have a list of carers.

If you find a baby bird it is best to leave it alone and watch from a distance as it is most likely still in its territory and the adults will be around and keeping their distance because of you. Put it in a safe place near where it was found and see if the parents return.

I saw a Facebook post from someone who found a baby magpie whilst cycling. He picked it up off the road and cycled some distance and released it. There was a large and heartfelt response to the post but in reality he probably killed it.Ā 

The parents are the best ones to care for their young.



Well its raining and Beryl is sitting very low in the nest with her beak resting on the edge and water running down her head.

Unfortunately her head is the only bit she can’t reach to water proof. Magpies produce their own waterproofing that they spread with their beak so I guess its going to be bad hair day later.

I had an interesting chat yesterday when some friends who told me about some swooping incidents lately. I said I thought that was very early in the season as the young have not been hatched yet. Turns out it was cyclists who were swooped. Personally I think it is something to do with the speed of approach that triggers the defence behaviour. An attacking bird would be a similar speed.

I read something about a situation at a school where the students were being swooped as they arrived. The teachers had the frightened children run one at a time to the “Field Hospital “set up to treat them. I wonder if they had have been calmed down and slowly walked through the gate as a group if less blood would have been drawn.