WARNING this video is 16 minutes long and not recommended for anyone who is prone to any form of motion sickness or not the slightest bit interested in magpies.

I can watch the comings and goings through the telescope but wondered how much time was spent hunting, sitting and feeding each day.

 Yesterday I locked the camera off and let it run for 2 hours. I chopped out the bits when the nest was unattended and shortened the long sitting parts.

The nest is visited roughly every 5 minutes and for 20 minutes each hour one of the adults is present.

Beryl does all the sitting and leaves as soon as Renee arrives. Today I saw Beryl sitting and Renee arrived with a grub which he gave to Beryl. She stood and passed it to the chick.

After the chick is fed the adult often picks up the little white capsule of poo and takes it away from the nest.


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