Confirmed sighting of twins at the U L Daly Nature Reserve

This is the first time I have seen all chicks belonging to the family at the nature reserve who split a few years ago from our group.

Michael and Margaret ( Missys parents ) have had twins as seen in video. Missy ( single mum ) has had one chic.

I guess technically Michael has had triplets.


yet another lost soul

IMAG0279 IMAG0282 IMAG0283

Here are some photos of Fluffy taken a few weeks ago.

Very young as you can see from the very short tail feathers.

This one was found on a property in central Victoria and I hope to be able to follow the progress.

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Another found young chick


This healthy looking young one was lucky as its guardian did a lot of research before taking on the role as mother.

It was given water with its food until it learned how to drink. It has insectivore supplement added to its mince.

The chicks get water in the food the adults give them such as worms which have little nutrient. I don’t think an eye dropper is a safe thing to use.

I suggested getting some meal worms from the fishing supply shop to teach it how to find its own food. Perhaps when it is hungry and demanding it should be taken into the garden and taught how to hunt.  Magpie mothers use food and hunger as a teaching aid.

It has a cage which it puts itself in at night for safety but spends all day roaming free.

image 3


A little chap found at Maldon


Here are some photos of a very young chick who appeared to be without parents.

It was found on a property and was watched for a while and was obviously alone.

Here it is trying to pretend it is part of a garden sculpture.


The finders did the correct thing and put it in a safe place near where it was found and rang the local wildlife rescue.

It has a good chance of survival and hopefully will be returned home when stronger.

Keep your local wildlife rescue service number in your phone.


No sightings of the chicks today

Sadly no sign of the chicks again today. Someone told me an injured chick had been seen up the road at the Nature Reserve.

I went up to investigate and saw the 2 chicks up there being fed by their parents.

Lots of aggression between the Daly mob and ours all day today probably because the chicks have been forced right to the edge of the territory. I saw little evidence our 2 chicks were even still around until Beryl arrived with a beakfull of live insects which she dropped as soon as she saw something better.

I used a lump of mince to mop up the casualties and give them back to her. Waste not etc.

The ABC Science Show on birds.

Well worth a listen