And still there are two

Twenty five mm of rain last night and I found the 2 chicks sharing a branch high above the church footpath.

They had moved on when I went inside to get the camera however the path shows they spent a long time there.

So no photos yet.

A subtle change in the atmosphere today. I have not seen Jnr but have heard the parents singing in chorus.

The only singing I have heard lately is from Jnr who was refusing to move on and challenging Renee for the top job.

Renee has spent a month chasing Jnr and having singing duels with him. Yesterday I saw Renee do to Jnr what Jnr was doing to the chicks. He flew to the same branch and slowly moved closer, from the higher position he gave Jnr a good pecking and when he was hanging upside down started biting his feet. Bout time you manned up Renee.

The chicks are very mobile tree to tree but haven’t been allowed by Jnr to come down to ground to learn to hunt by themselves.

They usually follow their parents around before they can fly properly and so are in great danger.

Renee may have unwittingly saved their lives.

I hope he has moved on and finds his own territory and never returns.

I spoke too soon. He’s back but keeping a lower profile.


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