Bit of a roller coaster

Every day for the last week the chicks have been driven further away.

I was not even sure there were still 2 as no sightings and the parents seemed always to be taking food to only one place.

Driving through the gates I heard a dreadful noise, Renee was hunting on the nature strip and the older chick was on a branch

next to the gate in full voice.

I gave Beryl some food and she took it to the refugee compound so I think both chicks have survived.

Not good for the nerves.


One thought on “Bit of a roller coaster

  1. Marc says:

    Hi David, I’ve misplaced your email address so haven’t been able to send you photos of our orphan. He spends a lot of time outdoors, but his socialisation with other magpies isn’t going well. One came up to him today but Fluffy (that’s what you get when you ask a 6 year old to think of a name) just ran away. Much more work needed I think. I have some photos I can send if you send me your email address.


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