The twins are growing up.

They have grown into very fine birds.

P1000021           rest

Whilst Sonia was asleep in a tree the twin was exploring the birdbath.

P1000013 P1000015 P1000016

And here we are having a bath with almost no water.


Very funny at lunchtime. As soon as we sat down in the garden to eat our crusty rolls they all arrived.

Beryl would give the twins bits of roll that were obviously too big for them to swallow.

Five times Renee sprinted to them and grabbed the crust from their beaks and did his shaking and breaking up routine in front of them before giving it back. He did not let it go and forced them to help pull it apart. He often gave the half he held to the other chick.


Congratulations you are the 1000th visitor

Just played my magpies singing ring tone to the family up the street and got an instant shocked reaction.

Then they flew away and sang from the tree.

Just tried it on my lot (the singers) and got the same reaction.


The twins playing pass the parcel


Just saw one of the twins head off with a beak full of food only to stop in front of its twin who instantly went into feed me mode. A seconds pause and then a beautifully executed soccer side step and on its way. They make a dreadful noise. Must call one of them Sonia because it really gets Sonia nerves.