Meet Percy from East Melbourne


Welcome Percy.

Since you can’t type perhaps you could get Mel to pass on your story

thanks for the comment Mel


One thought on “Meet Percy from East Melbourne

  1. Mel says:

    I love a bit of a chortle. Always got something to say. In fact, am a regular on the phone to the city of melbourne when the grass gets too long for my worming activities or there is some other disturbance…not much fond of the hot air balloons and yet the council hasn’t banned them yet…must get onto that.
    The advantage of my life here in this sensibly quarantined suburb is that I can pretend I am in a rural setting…forage, swoop….And yet, I am a nano second away from the MCG where I spend a little time watching cricket…can’t abide AFL. And I have an abundant supply of trees and foliage..
    People have described my temperament as quixotic…not sure why…I am a reader and have an innate sense of curiosity in small and lesser creatures!

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