A welcome return

This little one was rescued in Western Victoria.

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His rescuer did all the best things and researched food and care. Last I heard it was flying free and put itself in the safety of its cage each night.

I had not heard of it for a month or so and when I inquired was told of its adventure. It had gone missing for 3 weeks and its carer feared the worst. They were invited next door for a BBQ and found the little chap locked in a Budgerigar cage. I am constantly appalled by the moronic attitude of some people.

Anyhow it is now home and knocks on the back door each night and sleeps inside on a small tree.

Here it is playing dead when surprised by a back firing motor bike.




The olderĀ  chick just jumped up onto my foot as I was sitting on the bench.

Not sure who was most surprised.

And here is the rest of the mob. Renee and Jnr are just finishing a puffed up singing duel with Jnr choosing to retreat. Beryl on the right just watches on and Sonia is just being Sonia.