How to deal with a gatecrasher

This little one arrived uninvited and was quickly sent on its way by the twins.

The young are expelled from the flock and live with the other singles until they can find a territory and breed.


A warning signal

There has been a predator in the area all afternoon so with the first sign of danger they all fly to the safety of the observation tree.


Quiet before the storm

I went out side for the late afternoon feeding and Renee was sitting on the concrete planter waiting. The older chick arrived and we had a bit of calm feeding. Then as the chick was looking at a bit of food at its feet Sonia and Beryl arrived. The chick gulped down the food started screaming and attacked Sonia. Renee was knocked over in the melee but that is not hard to do as he is a bit top heavy. The rest of the feed was a bit more stressful.