Amazing scenes at Mandalay

The older Chick and I are Hunter Gathering just before dusk yesterday.

Me with rake and the chick at my side jumping in to get the uncovered bounty.

Jane arrives home after a late meeting and walks towards me to say hello.

The chick takes off and heads straight towards Jane. Nowhere to land as she has her arms full of satchels and folders.

No it is not an attack as I see she has an apple core in hand.

I take the apple core and instantly the chick is on my arm tearing at apple remains.

Four more birds arrive with lots of screaming and jostling to get their share.

As a test I throw the remains on the ground and there is absolutely no interest in it.

Pure mass hysteria. It wasn’t the food but rather the act of being fed. Me Me Me.


The twins

Even at this young age they are starting to look a bit different.

The younger one appears to have grey eyebrows and is still very timid.


The older one is much braver and will sit still on my arm for a snack.



They sleep standing up.

A visiting friend told me yesterday that he had heard that on a hot day magpies find a forked branch and sleep on their backs.

I had to confess that the story may have started with me. You can’t hear them snoring either.

A bit like the Canadian igloo wren, eh Tim