The twins show up at the breakfast bar

I turn over some pea straw bales each morning and the family get an easy feed.

The chicks have pulled their heads in and seem to have accepted their place in the pecking order.

Smart move.


A sad day today

The twins were a no show today so I guess the have been expelled.

Oddly enough Renee and Beryl started their diets today.

If you see the twins let me know. They both have grey mottled chests and black beaks. Big chick may be sitting on your arm

and Sonia will be non stop whinging.

P1000396 P1000366

I have had a delightful 6 months of their company but it is a bit annoying that just as you get them trained they bugger off.


I heard lots of singing

It turned out to be the chicks first territorial dispute.

Our lot on the left and the Goode St gang on the right.


Unfortunately our chicks broke ranks upon seeing me


And then they all walked over to check out the food situation.


A much dreaded conversation

I had a chat with a neighbour the other day that I did not look forward too.

She throws food out and leaves it lying on the nature strip. The chicken carcase with stuffing followed by a fruit cake was just a bit excessive.

Luckily she took my advice on magpie nutrition seriously and is now aware of not feeding foxes, rats and stray cats.

I have done extensive observational scientific studies on what magpies eat.

In order out of 10 they are…

Slugs, slaters and snails 0 out of 10

worms  1 out of 10 ( chicks in nest fed worms for moisture)

centipedes   8 out of 10

crickets and mince meat (low fat)   9 out of 10

Arnotts Malt ‘O’ Milk biscuits  10 out of 10


Selfish genes?

I notice if an expelled chick arrives on its journey to find a home it is our 2 chicks that immediately go on the attack.

Sonia has joined in the daily garden circuit as Big Chick and I go looking for insects.

Big chick does not eat slaters but Sonia seems to eat them. Big Chick goes out of his way to stop Sonia getting them by foraging where she is standing or checking what she has in her beak.

A not too subtle campaign of I don’t want them but they are still mine.