A much dreaded conversation

I had a chat with a neighbour the other day that I did not look forward too.

She throws food out and leaves it lying on the nature strip. The chicken carcase with stuffing followed by a fruit cake was just a bit excessive.

Luckily she took my advice on magpie nutrition seriously and is now aware of not feeding foxes, rats and stray cats.

I have done extensive observational scientific studies on what magpies eat.

In order out of 10 they are…

Slugs, slaters and snails 0 out of 10

worms  1 out of 10 ( chicks in nest fed worms for moisture)

centipedes   8 out of 10

crickets and mince meat (low fat)   9 out of 10

Arnotts Malt ‘O’ Milk biscuits  10 out of 10


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