A new addition to the flock

We started the week with 5 magpies and a lame cockatoo. We inherited a 14 year old cat which luckily seems afraid of magpies.

I was doing the morning insect hunt with Big Chick where I turn over some pea straw bales and he grabs the bounty. He like many hyper active children quickly loses interest and I have to throw the insects to him which he catches. His attention lapsed and I hit him in the head with a centipede. Any how he ran towards me with a little stick which he dropped at my feet. Tug of war and then chasey. He runs away with it, drops it and turns to face me. Here is a quick look as he starts to lose interest.

So now we have 4 magpies, 1 cat, 1 lame cockatoo and a virtual dog.


The not too subtle message

The pressure seems to be off the chicks but Renee is telling his oldest son to get lost.

There doesn’t seem to be much action but what you do is puff yourself up and stand as close as possible to the recipient of the very strong message.