A new addition to the flock

We started the week with 5 magpies and a lame cockatoo. We inherited a 14 year old cat which luckily seems afraid of magpies.

I was doing the morning insect hunt with Big Chick where I turn over some pea straw bales and he grabs the bounty. He like many hyper active children quickly loses interest and I have to throw the insects to him which he catches. His attention lapsed and I hit him in the head with a centipede. Any how he ran towards me with a little stick which he dropped at my feet. Tug of war and then chasey. He runs away with it, drops it and turns to face me. Here is a quick look as he starts to lose interest.

So now we have 4 magpies, 1 cat, 1 lame cockatoo and a virtual dog.


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